Singularly focused on the financial industry, we deliver domain expertise with unique strategic & operational insights accumulated over decades of working with the leading names in the industry.

Capital Market

Leaders in online stock broking technology, our platforms power all the leading stock broking firms in India.


Our Digital Banking Solutions powered by deep understanding of BFSI domain, help the banks smoothly transition and adapt to the Fintech onslaught.

Wealth Management

With innovative solutions like Portfolio Reporting and Financial Analytics, we are constantly pushing technology for developing solutions to help wealth managers improve their bottom-line

Financial Media

Backed by a team that has developed the leading Financial Media portals, Finoux is geared to fuel the revenue engine for the online financial media business.


Our customer-centric innovations and products built with latest technologies and expert algorithms propose long lasting value
for our clients.


Our tailored solutions merge strategic planning with indepth team collaborations for a deep understanding of the operating ecosystem using predetermined milestones for a transparent healthy engagement.

Financial Portals

Being singularly focused on the financial sector, we have a deep knowledge of the operations and business processes within its various subsectors.


Develop an engaging sales system using transparent goal planning for your customers and standardize your front-desk operations across all branches

Financial Big-Data

Finoux has built complex market and financial data algorithms which help structure all kinds of information into data objects and efficiently deliver it to multiple widgets, applications and tools.

Research &Engine Strategy

Publish expert research and strategy calls to customers by analysing their current holdings and providing filters for risk vs returns searches

Mobile Markets

Covering the entire spectrum of the stock market universe, our mobile markets solution combines powerful tools like Charts, Screeners, Watchlists etc

Back-Office Reporting

With complete functionality across functions and seamless integration with front office, our back office solutions and dashboards bring improved efficiency at lower costs with minimal paperwork


What sets us apart from other software service companies is the fact that we visualise the business need-gap, analyse the best possible solution for it, develop the solution idea into a technology framework and then approach the customer with an offering. Here are some reasons why Finoux is your Ideal Partner for Financial Technologies

Innate Understanding

Our focus on BFSI gives us a deep knowledge of the operational complexities, consumer challenges and stakeholder interdependencies.

Rich Experience

Our reputation and proven track record of more than 17 years helps us attract leading experts in their fields, furthering our domain expertise and enabling us to deliver impactful results

Agile Methodology

We follow an agile work process in order to ensure that our products are built in the shortest possible time without any surprises.

Disruptive Innovations

Every now and then we come up with solutions that not only solve major existing problems but also benefit the end user in a visible manner.

Fastest Time to Market

Our ready platforms comes with built-in adapters for all content providers and all prominent trading engines. This ensures fastest time to market in India.

Integrated Offering

Our decades of experience in the BFSI space, has resulted in our solutions being completely pre-integrated with the other ecosystem technologies, espicially in the capital market segment.